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Access Code 3.0

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Target Cohort Demographics

  • Each cohort will have 30 participants
  • At least 50% women; 50% Black or Hispanic; 50% immigrants
  • At least 60% without 4-year college degrees
  • Cohort average incoming salary $24,000

    Eligibility Requirements

  • Talented adults 18+ who want to learn to code and get a tech job
  • Annual salary no more than $45,000
  • No background in coding required
  • Resident of the tri-state area (New York metropolitan area)
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Willing and able to participate for the full length of the program

    Focus on In-Demand Skills

    Access Code teaches Objective-C and Swift for Apple devices, Java for the Android platform, or Javascript for full stack web development.


    Intensive & Rigorous

    The programs requires full commitment and dedication for success. Both the daytime and nights/weekend programs demand over 80+ hours of work in and out of class per week.


    In addition to 30+ hours of out of class work per week

    Access Code cohorts 3.1 (Full Stack Web) and 3.2 (iOS) consist of class time Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 10pm are dedicated to workshops and other non-technical learning. Office hours on Monday and Wednesday are optional but highly recommended.


    In addition to 40+ hours of out of class work per week

    Access Code cohort 3.3 (Android) consists of class time week nights Monday through Thursday from 7pm to 10pm. Saturday and Sundays are devoted to in-person learning.


    Curriculum and Instruction

    Built and Led by Industry Leaders

    From student selection to curriculum development to class instruction, Access Code is led by professionals and experts from tech companies and startups.


    Launching New Careers

    Access Code Structure

    Access Code is designed to fully train you to get a job as a software developer. Also, you'll learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and gain the professional skills necessary to navigate the industry.

    Access Code Structure.png

    'Pay It Forward' Commitment

    There are no upfront costs or tuition for the program. Each participant’s costs are funded by our generous community of funders and partners—including Google, Robin Hood, Blackstone, and other tech companies that believe in our community mission—as well as the success of our graduates.

    We have a ‘Pay It Forward Commitment’ where all participants commit to giving 12% of their first two year’s salary back to C4Q to help pay for the next class to ensure that that your brother, sister, cousin, neighbor, or friend has the same opportunity to transform their lives. Your success is our success--only graduates who have gotten tech jobs will be expected to contribute.


    The Ideal Candidate

    Access Code is designed to transform grit, hustle, and heart into a passion for coding. All participants must demonstrate dedication to learning, technology, and community.



    Access Code will proved you with the technical training to be hired as an entry-level programmer, but you should be passionate about continuing your career in tech and want to become a leader in the tech community.


    Learning how to code requires incredible resolve and determination. You should love problem solving and should be eager to struggle relentlessly through problems to find solutions.


    We are searching for the most exceptionally talented students that want to turn their ambition and hustle into a passion for coding and software development.


    Application Process

    The rigorous application process identifies individuals that are ready to commit to learning and to succeeding in the program.


    1. Application

    Applications with basic background info and questions are filled out online via the C4Q website to identify candidates that fit our target demographic and are committed to learning.

    2. Interview & Logic Tests

    Attend an in-person interview and problem solving session led by leading experts to understand what skills you'll need to be successful in the course.

    3. Workshop

    Participate in a week-long workshop which recreates the class structure, ensuring that all participants understand the intensity of the program and learning environment.


    Learn more about Access Code at an upcoming Info Session at C4Q HQ or at a partner organization.