Ben Sussman (Benno)

Technical Instruction

Ben first discovered his love of computer programming midway through his time as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. Originally intending to major in Physics, he switched to Computer Science after his first CS course and has never looked back. After graduating he founded imthemusic, a website aiming to be "yelp for music," and worked on building both the technology and the product. After imthemusic, Ben joined Fwix (now Radius Intelligence) as one of their first engineering hires, and helped the company grow from three employees to twenty. He left Fwix and California for New York City where he joined ZocDoc as a full stack software developer, later becoming Director of Engineering focused on Application and Software Infrastructure. During his time in NYC, he has volunteered with various teach-kids-to-code programs including CoderDojo, ScriptEd, and Black Girls Code. He co-founded the Nano Hacker Squad, which has since evolved into the Nano Hacker Academy. C4Q allows Ben to combine his passions for education and programming.