Policy & Advocacy Lead

C4Q seeks a Policy & Advocacy Lead to help transform Queens into a leading tech hub through the conceptualization and implementation of innovative policy and advocacy initiatives for C4Q. As the leading community development organization focused on tech in the borough, C4Q is in a unique position to create a long-term strategy for the continued and healthy growth of the tech ecosystem in both Queens and NYC. The primary responsibilities of the Policy & Advocacy Lead include the development of an overall policy roadmap and strategy for C4Q, outlining both goals and metrics to achieve success.

The Policy & Advocacy Lead will help craft and implement urban and economic policies that leverage the inherent strengths of the borough and position Queens and C4Q as thought leaders in the tech community. The role will involve translating expertise, ideas, and innovative ideas into actionable initiatives and projects. The Lead must be able to work with a wide range of stakeholders including technologists, entrepreneurs, elected officials, and community groups, and be able to navigate through the political and community landscape to build support for new policy ideas. The Lead will develop innovative strategies to engage the broader audience and help generate a national dialogue about C4Q policy initiatives such as distributing and iterating policy through Github or other technologies. 

C4Q works with leading business and philanthropic organizations to build an innovative, inclusive, and diverse Queens tech community. 


  • Help develop, refine, and implement an innovative policy and advocacy roadmap for C4Q with both short-term and long-term strategies and goals
  • Define metrics and data-driven processes to assess policy efficacy and reach
  • Conduct comprehensive research and analysis on different components of the tech ecosystem, including land use and zoning, transportation, economic development, and other policy issues
  • Synthesize data and research through white papers, policy proposals, and other forms of research
  • Develop and execute innovative policies, working across a wide range of disciplines
  • Engage elected officials, community groups, local residents, and other stakeholders



  • Experience crafting innovative policy and leading advocacy efforts
  • Forward-thinking and able to think across different disciplines
  • Able to communicate precisely and effectively, both verbally and in written form
  • Deep understanding of current policy and economic initiatives, including an assessment of other tech hubs and case studies
  • Able to quickly synthesize new information and data about urban and economic policies
  • Strong work ethic


We offer a competitive salary, health, dental, and vision benefits.