How is C4Q Access Code different from other programs?

Economic mobility

All Access Code participants come from low-income backgrounds. Graduates have gained jobs at leading tech companies and tripled their annual income from $18,000 to over $85,000 on average.

Diverse and inclusive

We aim to create a diverse tech community that's representative of NYC. Cohorts are at least 50% women, 50% underrepresented minorities, 50% immigrants, and 60% do not have college degrees. 


Pay It Forward Commitment

We aim to remove barriers to learning to code. We provide laptops, a 24/7 space for learning, and other resources needed to succeed. The program has no upfront costs. Instead, all participants commit to paying a percentage of their future earnings back to C4Q upon securing a job in the tech industry.

Focus on In-Demand Skills

Access Code teaches the fundamentals of programming across Android, iOS, and web development to ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge. The curriculum is built by our Brain Trust of industry leaders.


We teach computer programming but the curriculum also includes entrepreneurship, professional skills, and career readiness. 


The course requires full-time commitment and absolute dedication, with 80+ hours of course work, in and out of class. To fit different needs, we provide both daytime and nights/weekends schedules.