what you learn

Ins and Outs of Mobile Development & Programming

Access Code focuses on mobile development and teaches iOS and Android.


Unit 0: Programming Basics

  • Variables & Types
  • Conditionals, Loops & Arrays
  • Input & Printing
  • Functions, Classes & Objects
  • Git & GitHub
  • UNIX fundamentals
  • Problem Solving & Debugging

Unit 1: Your First App  

  • Basic components of an app
  • Essential UI components
  • Basic Navigation tools

Unit 2: Complex Features of Apps

  • Views & Communicaton
  • Threading
  • Storing Data
  • Networking: Basics of Internet Access

Unit 3: Design, build, & launch your own app

  • Publishing to the App Store / Google Play
  • Hackathon + Final Project (6 weeks): Your own app

See more details on our Android Class and iOS Class Pages


Experts and Mentors

Learn from leading technologists and entrepreneurs

Learn about product development, venture capital, and other entrepreneurial concepts from industry experts. Our curriculum features talks and guest lectures by renowned business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who give students high-level perspective about the tech industry and what it takes to thrive in it. 

Access to Networks & Events

Hackathons, meetups, workshops, and more

We don't just want you to learn to code. We want to immerse you in the fast-paced vibrancy of New York's tech culture. Our students attend meetups and hackathons to understand and connect to the city's tech community. Access Code workshops similarly ensure that [what happens in workshops?].