Focus on mobile

iOS & Android


Access Code trains mobile developers to code in either Objective-C for Apple devices or in Java for Android-based phones. 

Nine-Month comprehensive

Designed to fully prepare you for a job in tech

Access Code is a mobile development training program that equips talented, diverse adults with coding skills, entrepreneurship knowledge, and career training for the tech industry. An intensive, 9-month part-time program, Access Code focuses on underserved populations, particularly the 65% of New Yorkers who don’t have college degrees. 


full committment

Intensive and rigorous

Because of the intensity of the program, full commitment is critical for success. Classes will be offered on nights and weekends and you'll be expected to invest 20 hours per week learning in different environments—whether workshops, labs, or team meetings—and spend up to an additional 20-30 hours each week tackling problem sets outside of class. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and make up any missed courses by visiting office hours and completing additional out-of-class work.