C4Q teaches coding and professional skills to talented adults from diverse and low-income backgrounds.

Our 10-month program prepares individuals for software engineering jobs at companies like Kickstarter, Capital One, and IBM. Graduates have gone from making $18,000 to over $85,000 a year on average.

The training will launch in September 2018 and run until July 2019.

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Economic Opportunity

All Access Code participants come from low-income backgrounds. Graduates are hired at leading tech companies and have tripled their annual income on average from $18,000 to over $85,000.

Diverse and inclusive

We aim to create an inclusive tech community that's representative of NYC. Cohorts are at least 50% women, 50% underrepresented minorities, 50% immigrants, and 60% do not have college degrees. 


Long-term Commitment

The program has no upfront costs. Instead, all participants pay 12% of future gross earnings back for 36 months upon getting a tech job with an annual salary of over $60,000. During this 36 month post-training period, we continue to provide job search support and career development.

Focus on In-Demand Skills

Access Code teaches the fundamentals of programming across Android, iOS, and full-stack web development to ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge. The curriculum is built by our Brain Trust of industry leaders.


In addition to programming skills, our curriculum includes critical training to develop the professional skills and industry fluency required to thrive in the tech industry.


Access Code demands full-time commitment and absolute dedication, with 80+ hours of coursework, in and out of class. To fit different needs, we provide both daytime and nights/weekends schedules.


Over the course of the program, expect to spend over 80+ hours each week learning. From collaborating in hackathons to launching products at Demo Day, the curriculum is designed to train industry ready developers. 


Technical Mastery

You'll start from a strong foundation of computer science fundamentals and build up to full-scale app development, including critical Data Structures and Algorithms skills that are a required component of the tech interview process.

  • Master the fundamentals of programming
  • Build and publish mobile or web apps
  • Prepare for technical interviews with current developers
  • Learn best practices of clean coding, testing, and how to use top industry tools

Professional Skills

Our Professional Skills Curriculum ensures that you will be able to build your personal brand, launch into the job search process, and hit the ground running as part of a tech team.

  • Build a compelling resume and portfolio to showcase your personal brand
  • Learn how to apply successfully to tech jobs
  • Understand how to navigate the professional environment, from job search to promotion and beyond

Industry Fluency

You’ll have a network of classmates, alumni, hiring partners, and volunteers that can help you further your career.  Our volunteers and partners are experts and leaders within their field, especially in innovative topics that are at the bleeding edge of the industry.

  • Pitch your app at Access Code’s annual Demo Day to leading engineers, founders, and business leaders
  • Expand your network by meeting startup founders and technologists
  • Learn about venture capital, entrepreneurship, and innovative topics like blockchain and machine learning from industry experts


Industry Ready Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed by our Brain Trust of leading technologists and senior engineers from the best tech companies. We ensure that all graduates are equipped with the most up-to-date and in-demand skills.


Access Code developers work collaboratively in teams and master industry tools. By utilizing technical skills, product development, and UI/UX training, every Access Code graduate ships multiple products during the course of the program.


Student capstone Projects


Mozi is a low-cost DIY robot designed to help kids learn how to code. Powered by an Arduino microprocessor and the Google Blockly visual programming editor, Mozi is fully customizable and fun to build.

Pencraft is redefining mobile gaming through its innovative game controller. Utilizing the built in magnometer on Apple devices, Pencraft enables new ways of playing games and interacting with mobile devices.


Critiq is a peer review app that allows writers to upload their work and receive feedback. Built for the web using Javascript, React, and Sequelize, Critiq adopts a similar functionality as Google Docs but affords more peer to peer editing capabilities.


Our talented developers are now coding at leading tech companies


Meet A C4Q Graduate

Our students represent the potential of our community and come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. A high school dropout, Ray Acevedo was working as a mechanic before he discovered C4Q. He was able to realize his full potential by learning to code with C4Q and transformed his newfound passion into a career---first as a Android Developer and now as a Product Manager at a venture backed tech company.


From student selection to curriculum development to class instruction, Access Code is led by professionals and experts from tech companies and startups. In addition to our teaching staff, we rely on the expertise of our network of volunteers and mentors to make sure everyone is prepared for a job.

Teach a workshop. Mentor a student. Share your knowledge. Help us grow the tech community by becoming a volunteer.


The training will launch in September 2018 and run until July 2019.

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