We aim to create an inclusive tech community that is reflective of Queens and New York City.



Access Code equips talented adults from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds with the computer programming skills and entrepreneurial training to launch careers in the tech industry. We are building new pathways to tech for diverse and low-income communities, and in particular empowering the 65% of New Yorkers that do not have college degrees.

This intensive 9-month part-time program in mobile app development prepares participants with no prior coding experience for entry-level developer jobs at the hundreds of innovative startups and tech companies (such as Google and Facebook) that are looking to hire the next generation of talent. These positions are in high demand with well-paid salaries averaging $85,619 across the industry—the first Access Code 1.0 program helped increase graduate average income from $26,000 to $73,000.

With our mission to expand access to tech opportunities, all students will receive full scholarships to Access Code.


The application process for Access Code 2.0 program has closed and we are not currently accepting applications. To learn more about upcoming classes and other C4Q activities, please sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you updated about other opportunities to learn to code and join the C4Q tech community.


Our target Access Code 2.0 cohort:

  • Talented adults 18+ who want to learn to code and gain jobs in tech

  • 50% women; 50% underrepresented minorities; 50% immigrants

  • 50% without 4-year college degrees

  • Average incoming participant salary ~$24,000

  • Participant annual salary no more than $45,000

  • No background in coding required

  • No residency requirement


Why Tech?

Second Largest

Industry in NYC

It's an exciting time for the NYC tech ecosystem. Established tech companies like Facebook and Google have headquarters here and local and home-grown Queens tech companies like Songza are growing the community.

1.2 Million

Unfilled Tech Jobs by 2020

Universities and other traditional sources of learning are expected to fill only a portion of the large number of tech jobs in the United States, creating a significant demand for talent. The NYC tech ecosystem alone generates 541,000 jobs.


Average Tech Salary

Many of these jobs not only well-paid but are also becoming increasing skills-based and do not require a formal background in computer science. These opportunities can become available with proper training and exposure to the industry.


Our comprehensive 9-month curriculum in mobile development is practical and hands-on to give participants with no prior programming experience the necessary skills to become entry-level developers.

Our goal is to immerse you in the tech ecosystem and help launch your career. 


At a Glance


Queens, NY

The world’s most diverse community and the borough of opportunity.

Intensive Program


Nights + Weekends


9 months

2.1 Android Development: March to November

2.2 iOS Development: April to December


Full Scholarships

All participants must demonstrate financial need.

Access Code Structure



Access Code aims to train the next generation of tech leaders. Thirty exceptionally talented applicants will be selected for this cohort.

Because of the intensity of the program, full commitment is critical for participant success. All Access Coders must demonstrate passion and dedication to learning, technology, and community.


Creating Leaders

We strive to create change agents that are reflective of the great diversity of Queens and NYC.


Access Code is tackling current problems in tech. Low income communities and non-traditional audiences currently do not have access to the tech sector. Across the United States, women make up only a quarter of the developer workforce. Hispanics and African Americans make up 13% of the tech workforce and only 1% of startup founders.

The wealth of diversity and broad range of backgrounds that exist in Queens can help create an inclusive tech community. These new ideas and new experiences will help build better products and use technology to solve unaddressed problems that may exist in these communities.

Course Components

Access Code is rigorous and intensive, designed to fully train you to get a job as an entry-level software developer. In addition to foundational knowledge of coding, you'll learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and gain the professional skills necessary to navigate the industry.



  • Master the fundamentals of programming

  • Build and publish a mobile app

  • Learn best practices and how to use top industry tools


  • Learn about product development, venture capital, and other entrepreneurial concepts from industry experts

  • Expand your network by meeting startup founders and technologists

Career Readiness

  • Build your technical resume and portfolio

  • Pitch your app and business idea at Demo Day

  • Prepare for technical interviews and joining the tech sector


Over the course of 9 months, you'll be expected to invest 20 hours per week learning in different environments—whether workshops, labs, or team meetings—and spend up to an additional 20-30 hours each week tackling problem sets outside of class.

Classes will be offered on nights and weekends. 



We aim to have an extremely diverse class with students from all backgrounds and experiences.


Immigrants, underrepresented minorities, and women are especially encouraged to apply. With our mission to expand access to tech education, all students must demonstrate financial need.




Access Code is an entry point into the tech industry. We will provide you with the technical training to be hired as an entry-level programmer, but you should be passionate about continuing your career in tech and want to become a leader in the tech community. 



Learning how to code requires incredible resolve and determination. You should love problem solving and should be eager to struggle relentlessly through problems to find solutions. 



Access Code is intense, and requires a deep and earnest commitment to learning and to the program. We are searching for the most exceptionally talented students that want to turn their ambition and hustle into a passion for coding and software development.


The Access Code program is demanding, and the competitive and rigorous four-part application process is designed to identify high potential individuals that are equipped to succeed in the intensive program.


1. Application

Applications are filled out online via the C4Q website.

2. Interview

Attend an in-person interview.

3. Problem Solving

Complete pre-coursework online.

4. Workshop

Participate in a web development workshop.

Looking to get involved?



Help C4Q create an inclusive tech community by leading instruction, teaching a workshop, or becoming a teaching assistant.


We want Access Code students to work at the best startups and tech companies. Learn more about how to hire a talented Access Code graduate.


C4Q and Access Code are made possible by the dedication of our awesome volunteers. Get involved and help us grow our inclusive tech community.


Support our mission to increase opportunity and access by making a contribution to C4Q.


The application process for Access Code 2.0 program has closed and we are not currently accepting applications. To learn more about upcoming classes and other C4Q activities, please sign up for our newsletter.


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