Access Code 2.1 is focused on preparing our participants for a career in Android development.

Our students represent all of NYC. With our diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, we are well-equipped to strength the tech sector and fuel the growth of Queens/NYC tech.

Our curriculum comprehensively address all aspects of mobile development—from fundamental programming knowledge to entrepreneurial skills to professional readiness.

By the end of our curriculum, our developers have to ability to program fully publishable apps. Check out some of the incredible apps our devs have coded during out 48-hour August 2015 hackathon, funded in part by Aunt Bertha and Robin Hood.

The Android Teaching team


Access Code could not happen without our amazing volunteer teaching team.

Class Schedule


Our curriculum with lectures, homework, and exercises  is fully available on GitHub.

Unit 0: Programming Basics + Java

  • Compiling & Printing
  • Variables & Types
  • Getting user input
  • Conditionals, Loops
  • Methods
  • Classes & Objects
  • ArrayList, HashMap & Sets
  • JSON
  • Encoding, URLs, HTTP
  • Git & GitHub
  • Debugging & Problem Solving
  • UNIX fundamentals
  • Final Project: A command-line weather alarm clock app

Unit 1: Your First Android App

  • Android Studio + Structure of an Android Project
  • Interfaces + Inheritance
  • Anatomy of the Android Manifest
  • How Android Handles Resources (strings, values, drawables, layout folder)
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Android UI Basics - Activity, XML Layout, Widgets
  • Basic Layout Type (Linear) + Other Layout Types
  • Final Project: A Scientific Calculator app

Unit 2: Complex Features of Android Apps

  • More Anatomy of the Android Manifest - Permissions, Activities, Intents + IntentFilters
  • Adapters and AdapterViews
  • View Hierarchy
  • Storing Data
  • Internet Access (Basics of connections, Retrofit for REST)
  • Dealing wih Threads + Background Notifications
  • Intro to Gradle + Publishing to the Google Play Store
  • Advanced Gradle (dependencies/libraries)
  • Final Project: Build a “Google Now”-like app

Unit 3: Design, build, and launch your own app

  • Other Common widgets (RelativeLayout,
  • ScrollView, ProgressBar)
  • SQLite
  • Preferences
  • Fragments
  • ContentProviders
  • Broadcasts
  • Sensors (Touch, Camera, Location, Audio, Accelerometer)
  • Hackathon
  • Final Project (6 weeks): Build your own app