Access Code 2.2 is focused on preparing our participants for a career in iOS development.


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Who we are


Our students represent all of NYC. With our diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, we are well-equipped to strength the tech sector and fuel the growth of Queens/NYC tech.


Our curriculum comprehensively address all aspects of mobile development -- from fundamental programming knowledge to entrepreneurial skills to professional readiness.

These are some of the apps our devs have created and published during the course.

The iOS Teaching team


Access Code could not happen without our amazing volunteer teaching team.

Class Schedule


Our curriculum with lectures, homework, and exercises  is fully available on GitHub.

Unit 0: Programming Basics + Objective-C

  • Variable & Types
  • Conditionals
  • Input & Printing
  • Loops, Arrays
  • Functions
  • Classes & Objects
  • Gti & GitHub
  • UNIX fundamentals
  • Problem Solving & Debugging
  • Final Project: A command-line To-do list app or Tic-tac-toe game

Unit 1: Your First iOS App

  • Collections (NSSet, NSDictionary)
  • XCode / Interface Builder
  • Parts of the App
  • Essential UI Elements / Debugging
  • UITableView / UITableViewController
  • Basic Navigation Containers
  • Final Project: A scientific calculator app

Unit 2: Complex Features of iOS Apps

  • Communication Patterns (Direct Coupling, Delegate, Notification, Blocks)
  • Managing dependencies with CocoaPods
  • Networking
  • Intermediate UIElements
  • NSTimers
  • More advanced UIElements
  • Storage
  • Final Project: A weather app

Unit 3: Design, build, and launch your own app

  • Building Views in Code v IB (Custom Elements)
  • Better / Faster / Stronger Code
  • Publishing to the App Store
  • Getting other people to use your app
  • Sensors (overview + description of core APIs)
  • Hackathon + Final Project (6 weeks): Your own app