Using a practical and hands-on approach, our comprehensive 9-month curriculum in mobile development gives those without coding experience the skills they need to become entry-level developers. 

The application process for Access Code 2.0 program has closed and we are not currently accepting applications. To learn more about upcoming classes and other C4Q activities, please sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you updated about other opportunities to learn to code and join the C4Q tech community.


Focus on mobile

iOS & Android


Access Code trains mobile developers to code in either Objective-C for Apple devices or in Java for Android-based phones. 

Nine-Month comprehensive

Designed to fully prepare you for a job in tech

Access Code is a mobile development training program that equips talented, diverse adults with coding skills, entrepreneurship knowledge, and career training for the tech industry. An intensive, 9-month part-time program, Access Code focuses on underserved populations, particularly the 65% of New Yorkers who don’t have college degrees. 


full committment

Intensive and rigorous

Because of the intensity of the program, full commitment is critical for success. Classes will be offered on nights and weekends and you'll be expected to invest 20 hours per week learning in different environments—whether workshops, labs, or team meetings—and spend up to an additional 20-30 hours each week tackling problem sets outside of class. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and make up any missed courses by visiting office hours and completing additional out-of-class work.



what you learn

Ins and Outs of Mobile Development & Programming

Access Code focuses on mobile development and teaches iOS and Android.


Unit 0: Programming Basics

  • Variables & Types
  • Conditionals, Loops & Arrays
  • Input & Printing
  • Functions, Classes & Objects
  • Git & GitHub
  • UNIX fundamentals
  • Problem Solving & Debugging

Unit 1: Your First App  

  • Basic components of an app
  • Essential UI components
  • Basic Navigation tools

Unit 2: Complex Features of Apps

  • Views & Communicaton
  • Threading
  • Storing Data
  • Networking: Basics of Internet Access

Unit 3: Design, build, & launch your own app

  • Publishing to the App Store / Google Play
  • Hackathon + Final Project (6 weeks): Your own app

See more details on our Android Class and iOS Class Pages


Experts and Mentors

Learn from leading technologists and entrepreneurs

Learn about product development, venture capital, and other entrepreneurial concepts from industry experts. Our curriculum features talks and guest lectures by renowned business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who give students high-level perspective about the tech industry and what it takes to thrive in it. 

Access to Networks & Events

Hackathons, meetups, workshops, and more

We don't just want you to learn to code. We want to immerse you in the fast-paced vibrancy of New York's tech culture. Our students attend meetups and hackathons to understand and connect to the city's tech community. Access Code workshops similarly ensure that [what happens in workshops?].


The IDeal Candidate

We're dedicated to assembling a diverse Access Code cohort that can not only take on our challenging and fast-paced curriculum, but will strive to overcome other hurdles. We want to create a community of students and alumni who are successful in their tech careers, and determined and passionate about improving their communities and the world.







Competitive and rigorous, the four-part Access Code application process is designed to identify individuals with the high potential to succeed during and after the intense program.


1. Application

Online applications are filled out via the C4Q website. Be thoughtful and honest about your answers as they're the very first step in the rigorous application process. 



2. Interview

Attend an in-person interview


3. Problem Solving

Complete pre-coursework online


4. Workshop

Participate in a web development workshop.


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