Access Code produces high quality mobile developers through an intensive 9-month curriculum developed and taught by industry experts from leading tech companies.


Access Code equips adults with coding skills, entrepreneurship knowledge, and career training for the tech industry. Access Code focuses on underserved populations, particularly the 65% of New Yorkers who do not have college degrees. The majority of Access Code students have never coded before, and all graduates are ready for entry-level developer jobs at the hundreds of innovative startups and tech companies looking to hire the next generation of talent. The first Access Code helped increase participants’ average income from $26,000 to $73,000.




Application Process

The application process for Access Code 2.0 program has closed and we are not currently accepting applications. To learn more about upcoming classes and other C4Q activities, please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you updated about other learning opportunities with C4Q.


Access code at A Glance



A rapidly growing industry with immense opportunity

By 2020, job seekers will be able to choose from 1.2 million tech positions that traditional forms of learning (e.g., universities) are unable to completely fill. The wealth of diversity in Queens can create a dynamic and innovative tech ecosystem. These new ideas and experiences lead to better products that solve unaddressed community issues.


What Queens represents

Creating the most inclusive community in the world

Tech may offer almost unlimited potential and job opportunities, but these benefits have extended mostly to a white and Asian male demographic, excluding African-Americans, Hispanics, ______, and women of all races. Access Code aims to reduce this disparity by [gathering/assembling] a cohort that is [half women, half black or hispanic, and half immigrant]—and dedicated to improving their communities and the world. Queens, the most diverse community in the world, offers us the chance to bring together this exceptional group of people.

Together, our students will create a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce and innovate mindful, life-changing, and socially impactful technology.

Current Tech Workforce

Women: Overall

Underrepresented Minorities: Overall

Underrepresented Minorities: Founders

Access Code



Underrepresented Minorities




Access Code is rigorous and comprehensive.

Our intensive 9-month curriculum distinguishes itself by not only equipping students with the technical skills required to become junior developers, but teaching them how to navigate the tech industry, secure excellent jobs, and successfully bring creative ideas to fruition. Students enter Access Code inexperienced in coding, and graduate ready to [take on / claim their place in] the world.


Technical Expertise

Master the fundamentals of programming in Java and Objective-C

Build and publish a mobile app from scratch

Learn best practices and how to use top industry tools such as GitHub

Entrepreneurship Knowledge

Learn about product development, venture capital, and other entrepreneurial concepts from industry leaders

Expand professional networks with startup founders and technologists from across NYC

Career Readiness

Build impressive technical resumes and portfolios

Pitch apps and business ideas at Demo Day


expert counsel & instruction

Curriculum developed by iOS and Android Brain Trusts

The tech industry is changing rapidly, along with the skills needed to be a mobile developer. That's why the Access Code curriculum is shaped by our Brain Trusts. Comprised of leading technologists, mobile engineers, and industry experts at some of the most innovative tech companies in New York, our Brain Trust ensures that Access Code teaches the most up-to-date and in-demand skills.

Family of volunteers

Access Code is powered by a community of brilliant and passionate volunteers.

Coalition for Queens is extraordinarily grateful for its volunteer teachers' assistants, who allow Access Code to maintain its rigorous educational standards and give students the attention they deserve.

Shawn Aukstakalnis
Matan Baraket
Nahtan Brown
Michael Carrano
Regina Chan
Rick Chi
Danny Chiao
Kenny Chong
Ehtesh Choudhury
Alessandro Crugnola
Eric Doty
Jeff Drew
Caleb Eggensperger

Tom Elliot
Andrew Flockhart
Dan Goldin
Oscar Gonzalez
Robert Gray
Greg Gundersen
Jeff Johnson
Sultan Keshwani
Hanke Kimm
Apoorv Kothari
Kazu Kusunoki
Robert Li
Kaoyi Liu

Jiaqi Liu
Jeffery Lu
David Montricher
Jared Poelman
Daisy Ramos
Joe Rider
Dion Ridley
John Rodriguez
Davis Roman
Brandon Romano
Peter Rood
Matt Sabath
Abhinav Saini

Alex Samuel
Paul Schreiber
David Shen
Cameron Spickert
Brad Stackler
Aaron Streiter
Megan Taylor
Michael Vilabrera
Tanner Welsh
Roxanne Zalucky



Our graduates are leaders in the tech community.

Access Code is dedicated to tapping latent talent in the Queens and larger New York City community. Our program is designed to target ambitious aspiring developers that are traditionally neglected by the tech industry, like New Yorkers without college degrees. Since Access Code's first cohort graduated in [year], our students have made enormous strides in the tech industry, proving that the source of tech talent isn't limited to college computer science programs.

Graduate Profiles


As a former English major at CUNY Hunter, Paola developed an interest in blogging, and shortly thereafter, web design and coding. She was working as an administrative assistant when she applied to be in Access Code's first cohort; she viewed coding as an opportunity to change careers. After graduating from the course, she found a programming internship with Viggle, and then joined BuzzFeed as the company's first female developer. There, she helped build the BuzzFeed News app that became the most popular download from the iTunes App Store. Dedicated to creating a network to increase the representation of Hispanics in the tech world, she also founded the organization NYC Tech Latinas to pave the way for a more welcoming and inclusive entryway into the tech industry.



After immigrating from Egypt, Queensbridge Public Housing resident Moawia found solace in taking apart computers. He educated himself by watching online videos about programming, and eventually enrolled in Access Code. After moving onto and graduating from Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Moawia moved to San Francisco to participate in the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. He recently raised $1.8 million for his startup, Smartspot,  a technology for gyms that tracks and corrects athletic form, allowing everyone access to a personal trainer.


Access Code students create incredible mobile apps just months into the program. In addition to programming basic apps in the beginning of the program and launching original, app store-ready ones at the end of the program, our students participate in a 48-hour hackathon. There, in the span of a single weekend, teams of students compete to produce a mobile app aimed at increasing individuals' access to community services. Check out their incredible finished products to the right, and go to our Android and iOS class pages to see previews of more Access Code-produced apps. 


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