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C4Q Alumni Committee

  Sky Davis  (1.0): Co-Chair   

Sky Davis (1.0): Co-Chair


Justine Kay (2.0)Co-Chair

  Varindra Hart  2.0

Varindra Hart 2.0

  Madelyn Tavarez  2.0

Madelyn Tavarez 2.0

  John Gomez  2.0

John Gomez 2.0

  Chanice St Louis  3.0

Chanice St Louis 3.0

  Margaret Ikeda  3.0   

Margaret Ikeda 3.0


  Gabe Barriga  3.0

Gabe Barriga 3.0

  Wesnie Marcelin  3.0 

Wesnie Marcelin 3.0 

  Ana Ma  3.0

Ana Ma 3.0



The Alumni Committee exists to promote the best interests of the alumni and fellows, build a strong community, and advance our shared mission.
  • To promote and provide services for Alumni that will encourage continuing growth, personally and professionally, along with a spirit of community amongst alumni
  • To support a relationship between the Alumni and current Fellows
  • To create alumni leaders that enable community growth



We’re excited to see our alumni community continue to grow through time! This portal as well as other C4Q amenities (i.e. space) will remain open to those who are in good standing.

All AC alumni are considered in “good standing” as long as they maintain a positive relationship with our community, are responsive, and fulfill any agreements they might have with C4Q (i.e. equipment returns, respectful of space and community members, fulfilling PIF commitment through time).




Please check-in here for career opportunities.

Either send resumes directly to the team (for partner opportunities) or apply directly to the open roles listed below. Good luck!

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Open Opportunities





Check here for job search, technical training, and other career resources. 

Finding Jobs: Finding Dev Roles Slide Deck

Technical Training: 

Resume/Portfolio Tips:




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