Important Info

  • Address: 47-10 Austell Place, Suite 302, Long Island City, NY 11101
    • Suite 302 (C4Q Staff)
    • Suite 304 (Classroom)
  • Building aka Zipper Building
  • Building front door code: 135642
  • Nearby transportation: 7 to Hunter's Point Plaza; G to 21st St; E, M to Court Sq; LIRR to Hunterspoint Avenue


3rd Floor

3rd Floor

Policies and Procedures (in progress)

  • Overview
    • C4Q is renting the two large spaces on the third floor (Suites 302 & 304). One is dedicated to our staff office and the other is designated as a classroom for students. The large space adjacent to our staff space is not being rented by us--we can discuss with landlord about using it for events and other activities.
  • Classroom
    • Students have 24/7 access to the classroom space. Students are expected to use the lockbox which has the classroom key inside. Pin code for the lockbox is '31420.'
  • Lounge Space
    • The lounge space across from the pantry is available for our use. We can use it to take meetings, host guests, and also use as a work space. The lounge space is technically not part of our lease and communal so please be respectful and clean up after yourself.
  • Trash
    • Trash room is located through the 'rear hallway' on the 1st floor off the elevator. Building management will remove our trash for first few weeks/months until we establish our own service. 
  • Pantry
    • We will be sharing the pantry with the rest of the tenants on the on the 3rd floor. The fridge, microwave, and dishwasher are property of the building--please be extra mindful to clean up after yourself. Our cups, utensils, and other kitchen items will be moved into the pantry and be available for use.
  • Security
    • Currently the building entrance door is unlocked during the week business hours of 8:30am-5:30pm. To get in at another time, you have to type in a code to access the space which is ‘135642’. The building security system is being upgraded and we will have a separate card system for our fully built out office.  
    • Keys to the office will be distributed to staff members.
    • Students will still have 24/7 access to the classroom space. Key will be kept in a door lockbox.
  • Bathrooms
    • Men's and women's bathrooms are located on the 3rd floor. Landlord is responsible for cleaning of the space but please be respectful and mindful. Supplies will be kept in closet in shared space.
  • Roofdeck
    • The roofdeck is open and available for our use. The elevator opens directly onto the roof. Please clean up after yourself.
  • Fire Safety
    • There are 4 fire exits on each floor, located at the corners of each floor. Fire extinguishers will be located in our office and the classroom. Fire marshalls TBD. 

Contact Info (in progress)

  • Landlord
    • Chris Plath, Property Manager T: 212.293.8898  M: 917-439-5354
    • Seble Tareke Williams, Managing Director, Vanburton Group T: 212.293.8896  M: 917.309.8187
  • Internet
    • Xchange
  • Joffrey Ballet (upstairs neighbor)


  • Team cleaning date on 4/22/17
  • Move confirmed for 4/29/17 to Austell
  • Move run of show



  • Sa 4/22/17: Team clean Falchi
  • Thur 4/24/17: Lease Execute
  • Fri: Letter of Credit
  • Fri 4/28/17: Movers pack Falchi
  • Sa 4/29/17: Move to Austell
  • Su 4/30/17: Team office set up at Austell; 3.3 in classroom
  • Mo 5/1/17: Up and running!


  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • early May: construction docs approved
  • Construction start
  • Construction end
  • Move into full space