Joanne Yun

Managing Director, C4Q Access Code

Joanne first learned to code “Hello World” on her family’s IBM PC Jr.  Although her programming experience has yet to develop much further, Joanne has worked in the tech industry for nearly ten years and is passionate about the impact that education and technology can have on people’s lives.  At Google and ad-tech company Dstillery, Joanne worked on the launch of new business products, with a focus on developing the marketing strategy and training programs for rollout to market.  Joanne’s experience also includes teaching high school English in South Korea as a Fulbright fellow, serving as the education representative for her INSEAD MBA cohort, and giving classes in botanical illustration around New York.  A proud Jackson Heights resident, Joanne is excited to join the C4Q team in building towards a more inclusive future for New York’s tech community.  

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