Queens Tech Community Sessions

The Community Sessions will present findings from the Inventory & Analysis of existing conditions along with preliminary issues and opportunities.  Organized around themes related to the tech ecosystem, the Community Sessions will solicit community input and gather feedback. The Community Sessions will launch with an introductory session intended to introduce the community to basic tech concepts and ideas as well as industry trends. Each of the Community Sessions will be co-led by C4Q, QBP, and members of the Task Force with relevant expertise on the topic matter.

Tech Industry and Community Impact

...Technology can no longer be thought of as just a slice of the city’s economic pie. It needs to be recognized as the pan that supports all of New York’s traditional industries as they fight to stay relevant and profitable in the digital age.”

- Andrew Raseij

Topics will include:

  • Tech industry trends, growth, and demands
  • Socioeconomic diversity and inclusiveness
  • Why Tech? Why Queens?
  • Case studies of other tech communities and relevant studies
  • Opportunities and challenges in the industry


Coalition for Queens • New York Tech Meetup • NYC Digital