What's best about C4Q?

We asked our interns and fellows to tell us what they loved most about working at C4Q. 

"I haven’t been at organizations as enthusiastic about their own work as C4Q is, and it’s nice to see that that kind of attitude towards work is possible. It’s encouraging to me, someone who's about to enter the workforce, to recall and imagine all that can get done with a positive outlook."

"I think the best thing about C4Q is the cohesiveness of the team. Everyone is willing to help everyone else. That's important because it helps the team to grow in many different ways, and also allows you to pick up many different skills besides the ones that you came in with."


What are your plans post C4Q?

We asked our interns and fellows how their internships affected their future plans. 

"I feel that my experience with C4Q has been fulfilling because I had something to contribute to the team and the mission. I think I've been able to learn about several components of the professional world, and I feel prepared for whatever position the future might hold for me, because of this experience." 

"This internship was a tremendous experience in terms of evaluating my career plan. Although my tasks were not technical, I gained a good understanding of what it'd be like to work full time in tech through working on different projects, going to meetups, and connecting with professionals. I definitely plan to pursue a career in tech."