Volunteer for Coalition for Queens


Teaching Assistant

  • Provide your technical expertise and assist in the instruction of Access Code classes and/or office hours.
  • Skills: Strong technical understanding of mobile development (iOS and/or Android) and/or Java.
  • Time: 3–8 hours / week (for 6 weeks)

Guest Speaker

  • Provide real world expertise in relevant topics pertaining to the tech industry, including but not limited to product development, technical interview preparation, UI/UX, startup funding, and marketing.
  • Skills: Seminar leaders should have expertise and experience in the topic area.
  • Time: 2–3 hours

Student Mentor:

  • Volunteer mentors will serve as models of success and help Access Coders navigate the tech ecosystem. Mentors will be paired with a team of students to help guide them as they enter the tech industry.
  • Skills: Experience in tech as a developer, engineer, product manager, hiring manager, etc.
  • Time: 10 hours / month

Volunteer Commitments/Expectations:

  1. Monthly committee meeting (led by committee co-chairs)
  2. Quarterly full volunteer meeting
  3. Every donation is important -- doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $10,000
  4. Employer, charitable contribution program
  5. If you’re a C4Q volunteer, you have free access to our events
  6. Learning experience for everyone