“My role as a TA at C4Q is profoundly fulfilling. Our students work incredibly hard which is amazing when you consider they also have full time jobs.  They devote their weekends and nights to these projects, working in the best collaborative spirit. Their energy is infectious.  I’m excited to watch both their first and subsequent leaps forward.  Of all the organizations where I’ve volunteered, I see my efforts having the most impact at C4Q.”

Jeff Drew, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

“I first heard about Coalition for Queens through a meetup here in NYC. Hearing about the program immediately struck a chord with me. After TA’ing my first class, I was hooked. Access Code reminds me how amazing the human mind can be, that a class of 32 individuals can will themselves learning to program over a nine month period - in turn setting themselves up for a better career. I strongly believe technology can be leveraged to solve many of life’s problems. C4Q is in a unique position to leverage this tech technology to improve society in meaningful ways. Can you make this specific to the NYC Tech Community?”

Matthew Sabath, iOS Developer, Dom & Tom

"I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first started helping, thinking there is no way these students can go from no prior programming experience to being Android developers in 9 months. Each week that I help out, the students prove me wrong and I hope to work with some of them in the future."

Michael Carrano

“Seeing one of our devs have an "Aha!" moment is easily the best part of my week. I get so excited for them, and I remember how I felt when I was first learning to code. Talk about your story as a coder and why you wanted to volunteer with C4Q? Volunteering with Access Code also makes me a better programmer, because teaching others solidifies your own understanding of concepts.”

Megan Taylor, UI Developer, Spies & Assassins/kbs+